Radcomp evolved from generations of people working with their hands, following their curiosity, finding solutions that complement human need, and figuring out how to do more with less.

Ryan Kreps, Radcomp founder and CEO, comes from a long line of successful ranchers whose heritage in the Columbia River Gorge dates back seven generations. When the digital age emerged, Ryan's natural curiosity for how things worked transposed into computer technology. Computers soon became household objects, and Ryan became the community go-to tech guy. It wasn't long before he went from spending weekends working on his family's ranch to working on his neighbors' computers. Experience leads to opportunity, and these early years laid the groundwork for what would eventually mature into a company that Ryan called Radcomp - Radical Computers. 

As the technology landscape evolved, Radcomp formed a reputation based on integrity, problem-solving, and creating proactive solutions. This reputation attracted local business owners with the foresight to see technology as a value versus an expense. A shift toward long-term technology partnerships with local businesses brought forth a wave of potential and purpose that escorted Radcomp to its position today as a technology thought leader. 

Since the beginning, Radcomp 's success has hinged on a commitment to personal relationships, local community connection, and strong family values. These are still the underlying fibers leading Radcomp into the future with technology

and innovation at the forefront.



Radcomp now employs diverse technical services and support staff with combined information systems with experience of over 200 years.

Even though the business has grown to include remote offices in, Vancouver and Eugene, we have still maintained our local flavor. Radcomp is still based and ran locally here in the heart of the gorge.  We feel that it is important to hire local people and adapt to each and every location's different cultures and dynamics and because of this Radcomp Technologies is:



This is our Operations Manager. He is responsible for all aspects of the customer experience. This includes efficiency, productivity, quality control, service delivery and customer communication. He is the conductor who makes sure all of our exceptionally talented team members work in unison to produce unrivaled service and results for our business partners.


Meet our vCIOs (virtual Chief Information Officer). They are your IT consultants who will review your business’ technology needs and will find the IT solutions that best fit your needs. They will work with you on everything from IT roadmaps and IT budgeting to technical Q&As. They are your technical advisors.



We care about our partnership with our clients so much, we have a position dedicated to making sure we take care of our clients. The Client Account Manager is the non-technical person who helps translate our geek to you and your needs to our geeks. She will work with you to make sure we are meeting your IT needs. She is always willing to answer any of your questions and address any concerns about your service.


Meet your Procurement Officer. He will be responsible for finding the best high quality, cost-effective and reliable hardware/software that you need. He follows procurement procedures, purchases through our channel vendors and maintains all our current and incoming inventory. 

Theses are your IT Technicians. Our technical team comes from many backgrounds with various expertise. If you have a business IT need, we likely have a team member with the experience and solutions to solve your problems. We don’t wear capes because they’re impractical, but these orange shirts are just as good to save the day!



Many of our clients think that we’re wizards or magicians with the ease in which we are able to tackle the problems they face… Well our in-house developer is the wizard of wizards. He is the one who can automate many solutions for common problems and that allows us to both prevent them entirely and fix many problems before our clients even know they have one. While he may not have a wand to wave, he can make many problems vanish with just a few clicks of his keyboard, and we think that’s way cooler.


Meet our Accounting Staff. They are the ones working hard behind the scenes daily for Radcomp and our clients by making sure invoices are sent out timely and accurately, processing vendor invoices and crunching numbers. While these projects consume the majority of their time, it's not all about budgets and spreadsheets.  This team is also charged with the responsibility of how to give back to our local communities.

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