What is VoIP?

Instead of using traditional phone lines for incoming and outgoing phone calls, VoIP, also known as voice over internet protocol, utilizes the internet connection that’s already in place at each one of your workstations. This eliminates the need to wire each phone individually, making moves or extension reworks easy, but that’s not all.

VoIP Benefits

If you need to move an employee to a new desk, all they have to do is take the phone with them and plug it in, keeping the same extension. No need to notify clients or update your directory. Need another phone for a new employee? Simple, plug a new one in. Have an employee that works remotely? Give them a pre-programmed phone, no need for a new line. Also, never pay for long distance again!


With Our VoIP Services You get:


Migration from your existing system to Voice-over-IP

Low-cost hardware, service, and upgrades

Installation, maintenance, and service of the VoIP phone system

Dedicated phone numbers

Unlimited local and long distance

Call forwarding, waiting and monitoring

Voicemail to email

Multiple-user conferencing

…and 50+ more features!

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