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Providing Timely Technology Support to Keep Business Humming

Duckwall Pears

Radcomp helps Duckwall Fruit ensure rapid delivery of its highly perishable, in-demand pears.

When your business is packing fresh fruit for sale all over the world, time literally is money. The product can have a short lifespan (depending on how it is stored), so the quicker it gets out the door, the better. If any part of your technical system goes down, it’s not possible to find extra hours in the day to make up for service disruptions.

Staci Coburn, Duckwall Fruit

So when Staci Coburn, chief financial officer of Duckwall Fruit in Hood River, Oregon, calls on her company’s IT managed services provider to solve a problem, she expects prompt response with no push-back. Family-owned Duckwall Fruit is one of the largest pear packinghouses in the United States, packing and shiping more than two and a quarter million standard cartons a year of fruit grown locally in the Hood River Valley and Columbia River Gorge areas.

A decade ago, Coburn was looking for an IT services provider and decided to give Radcomp a try.

“It’s been great ever since,” she says. “We work hard to deliver a great product and take care of our customers, and we expect the same of our vendors. Radcomp runs their business like we run ours. They appreciate that our time is super-valuable.”

Responsive and Reliable

Coburn notes that Radcomp’s responsiveness is consistently above and beyond what’s generally expected, with phone calls always returned and technicians making onsite visits whenever there is a need, even on weekends and holidays.

For ongoing maintenance, Radcomp has assigned a designated technician to support Duckwall Fruit who meets weekly with Coburn to identify non-emergency tasks and preventive maintenance requirements. Additional experts within Radcomp are called in as needed for implementation.

“Their technicians are knowledgeable and proficient, whether we are changing over servers, installing a security camera system, or just setting up a new computer at somebody’s desk,” Coburn says. “They come prepared with a plan of what to accomplish, and they make sure I understand the plan in layman’s terms so I can relay it to my team.”

Coburn and Radcomp meet annually to review the past year’s performance and determine IT priorities for the coming year, allowing her to plan and budget for changes and additions. Radcomp also makes certain to keep Coburn and the company current on new technologies that present opportunities to upgrade for greater efficiency.

A Part of the Company ‘Family’

Radcomp’s long-term relationship with Duckwall Fruit demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing world-class service with a local, hometown feel, and Coburn says that approach blends well with Duckwall Fruit’s culture.

Duckwall Logo

“Our employees feel like Radcomp is part of our family. They appreciate the tech team members and enjoy having them come to the office,” she says. “Whenever we have a problem and hear Radcomp has arrived, there’s a real sense of relief. We know we can depend on them to resolve the issue quickly. That peace of mind adds real value and means a lot to us.”

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